Welcome to my blog! I'm a Las Vegas based photographer and mother of two beautiful daughters. I've always enjoyed the art of photography and capturing all the special moments. I am currently pursuing my degree in photography to further expand my knowledge on all aspects. I aspire to take unique photos that are natural and really capture the essence of the individual. I hope you follow and learn as I learn to be a better photographer!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Upcoming *stuff*

I have another session I'll be doing this weekend of a mother and toddler.  I'm really excited! It was supposed to take place this past weekend along with the maternity session but unfortunately daughter was napping during PRIME time for outdoor photos....so we rescheduled!  I'll be doing some research to get ideas for the shoot, which is always a good idea and I definitely recommend it to anyone to do before sessions. 

I'll also be editing some wedding pics I took back in July for my mom's wedding (*hanging my head down shamefully*).  I know JULY!  They should've been done.  I will definitely be better about that.  I plan on making her an album for Christmas so I need to jump on it....because it is literally RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!  I also took some holiday photos that I meant to enter in a contest, but never did...lol..but at least it gave me some inspiratio to pick up the camera and get creative.  So please STAY TUNED!!!

My 1st Maternity Session

I had the pleasure of doing a maternity session for a close friends son & girlfriend.  They are a young and adorable couple.  I was definitely a bit nervous to start as I'm not the pushy type (sit here, do this, etc.) and I could tell that mom-to-be was a bit nervous and shy too.  After awhile we definitely warmed up and I was able to get some wonderful shots.  I'm excited for future sessions and plan on doing more sessions with this couple and eventually their newborn.  

Here are a few of my favorite shots:

Love this shot, she has such natural beauty

One of the last photos taken, we were having fun and I think it showed!

Lessons learned:
- Take advantage of natural lighting wherever possible
- Don't be afraid to"boss" your clients around (nicely of course)
- Bring props (something I didn't get to do this time)
- Have FUN!!!