Welcome to my blog! I'm a Las Vegas based photographer and mother of two beautiful daughters. I've always enjoyed the art of photography and capturing all the special moments. I am currently pursuing my degree in photography to further expand my knowledge on all aspects. I aspire to take unique photos that are natural and really capture the essence of the individual. I hope you follow and learn as I learn to be a better photographer!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Classes Started

School officially started yesterday!  I'm enrolled in two photography classes to further my knowledge and skills.  I have amazing teachers and I'm really excited about this semester.  There is a scholarship opportunity that I will also be shooting some landscape photography for.  My first class deals with commercial type photography, studio lighting, etc.  I prefer to work with natural lighting, but know that there will come times where I'll need to do some indoor shots and use studio lighting.  Many many pictures to come as I progress in my classes.  Here are a few images:

 Cupcakes from my daughter's 10th birthday party...YUMM!

This is one of my favorite photos, NOT set up!  Taken a few months ago, I had to find an image to submit for class yesterday and this one just caught my eye instantly.  Hope my teacher likes it as much as I do.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Just Because

Here are a few photos I did on my day off work, was sitting around the house and thought I'd take advantage of the fact that I was actually home to snap some photos around the house. 

Before the tree comes down

Reaching for the light

For these photos I played around with PS editing to try something a bit different.  I should really post before and after pics so you can get a feel for what can be accomplished using PS.  I'll remember that for the next post!


Slowly but surely I feel like I'm making some progress!  I finally did my price sheet and I'm almost 100% satisfied with it, just a few more edits and I'll let you guys see :)  I've also been feverishly working on editing my mother's wedding pics.  Remember I had to do them before Christams?  Well yeah that didn't really happen the way I planned :(  So for your viewing pleasure here are a few of my favorites from the ummm over 300 I took! 


Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Okay so I'm failing miserably already with posting.  I have so much to post and update on though!  My mother/daughter session never went through unfortunately, but I've got a few lined up in the next coming weeks.  I'll be doing a session with my daughters this weekend.  Using some NEW props I just purchased....got an amazing deal on them.

So as I'm trying to increase my business I really need to figure out a good pricing list.  I've done some research and I have a general idea of what I'll be charging, but I'm still new to the game and need to clients.  Anyway, more to come on all of this VERY SOON!